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There are a allotment of misconceptions associated to journey insurance, and understandably most persons aren’t as well versed in the fine minutia of journey protection as I am – I can’t say that I blame them! although, numerous misconceptions put persons at risk of expending pointless allowances of cash on localities that could and should be enclosed by their travel insurance protection policy.

So, I’ve amassed this mini journey protection FAQ to assist those who have concerns, is concerned or inquiries about travel insurance protection.

Q: What should I do before going overseas?

A: Make sure you have ample journey insurance and that you have checked the FCO travel insurance recommendations for the nations you are visiting. Check you have adequate money and that your identification is up-to-date. Take a copy of your passport minutia and keep in a protected place. ascertain what inoculations and visas are needed. Note down the numbers and locations of the UK embassy and consulate in the homeland you’re travel insuranceing to.

Q: Should I take out journey protection before my holiday?

A: I may be a little biased on this one, but yes! It is extremely important that you take out ample travel insurance insurance even for short journeys or visits to Europe, and absolutely imperative in nations out-of-doors the EU where distinct conditions make sickness more expected and inexpensive health cover that bit more tough to get contain of. It furthermore covers for cancellation as shortly as you book your journey.

If you travel insurance to a homeland, or part of a homeland, against FCO advice, it is unlikely that your insurer would rendezvous any claim, however. Should the FCO recommendations change after you have booked a vacation, check the position with your trip operator and journey insurance business.

Q: Should I be looking at lone trip or annual multi journey journey protection?

A: Only you can answer that really – whereas lone journey insurance is (generally) cheaper, it does exactly what it states and wrappings you for just the one journey. By compare, annual multi trip travel insurance insurance will cover you for the entire year on various breaks, making it the alternative if you believe you’re likely to journey that much. You may find that just taking two journeys a year would make annual multi journey travel insurance insurance lower than the lone trip kind!

Q: What sort of cause for cancellation is legitimate to double-check cover from travel insurance insurance?

A: As long as your cause is inside the scope of cover supplied by your insurance, then you should be deserving to assertion in most cases. Legitimate causes for canceling your journey could encompass an sickness or death in the family (as characterised by your policy), freak climate situation suspending journey for 24 hours, burglary or damage to your home, being a casualty of lawless person assault producing in you being medically unable to journey, being called up for crisis military service or committee obligation (subject to the exact periods and situation of the policy). Likewise, if the inn or resort (for unaligned travel insuranceers) you’re due to visit suffers from a terrorist attack in the days premier up to your travel insurance, you will generally be adept to claim.

Q: Who buys if I need to be hospitalized overseas or flown back to the UK?

A: If you have correct journey protection, the insurance business should pay such charges. If not, the cost will drop to you or your relatives and associates.

Q: Is a European wellbeing protection Card (EHIC) the identical as wellbeing insurance?

A: No. The free European wellbeing protection business card (EHIC) displays that the holder is deserving to decreased or free crisis care only inside the EU. You will still need travel insurance insurance to double-check you will be covered completely in the event of sickness or injury. The EHIC card will help though, by reducing your primary outlay before you can be reimbursed by your journey protection business.

Q: Is my pre living medical condition a large-scale topic?

A: usually, yes. ascertain the wording of your principle to double-check it wrappings pre-existing health conditions. Often they’re not enclosed unless you pay an additional premium, and if you go wrong to affirm your status when you buy the travel insurance protection, you’ll be incapable to assertion on it. As habitually the key recommendations here is to check the principle wording with a fine tooth comb.

Q: How can I find out if it is protected to journey to a specific country?

A: It is powerfully suggested that you ascertain the FCO journey Advice part of their website ( This information is frequently revised and should give you solid recommendations on where is and is not protected to travel insurance (remember, areas formally outlined as ‘unsafe’ will seldom be enclosed by travel insurance protection policies).

Q: Is it safe to journey after a terrorist attack overseas?

A: regrettably, there is no such thing as risk-free journey, and the nonattendance of advice against journey to a specific country or area does not suggest that the FCO assurances security in that homeland or area.

I wish this travel insurance protection FAQ has proved helpful – it’s only actually scratching the service and each principle is distinct, but with this recommendations you should be in a better place to shop around, next time you need to purchase journey insurance.

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